Australasian Journal Of Psychotherapy
NO.2 - 2021

Biographical Notes

Wayne Featherstone is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working in private practice in Melbourne and Bendigo. He provides long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy, supervision and professional development seminars and reading groups. He also consults to the Lighthouse Foundation, which provides therapeutic, residential care for homeless and traumatised young people. He is a past president of the VAPP, a past chair of its Training Committee, and has taught psychoanalytic theory and practice within the VAPP training program as well as a number of tertiary settings.

Else Gingold is a psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne. She works psychoanalytically and offers both individual and group psychotherapy. She is a member of the Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists and the College of Clinical Psychology of the Australian Psychological Society. Her special interest is in the power of groups to help people understand each other on both a personal and cultural level.

Marilyn Gross is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne, working with individuals, couples and groups.  She is a member of the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists of which she is a past President, the Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists and the Australian Association of Family Therapy.

Shoshanna Jordan is a Melbourne based photographic artist. Her work is represented in both public and private collections in Australia and Internationally. Her art practice explores themes of identity, memory, emotion, trauma, loss, exile and representation of Diaspora and transnational experiences. She holds an M.A. Fine Art, RMIT University, Australia and a D.S.S Social Work, University of Melbourne.

Elisabeth Hanscombe is a psychoanalytic/psychologist and writer who completed her doctorate in 2012 on the topic ‘Life writing and the desire for revenge’. She has published a number of short stories and essays in the areas of autobiography, psychoanalysis, testimony, trauma and creative non-fiction in psychotherapy journals and magazines throughout Australia and in the United States. Her childhood memoir, The Art of Disappearing was published in 2017.

Nada Lane is a Melbourne psychotherapist working in the psychoanalytic, developmental, relational, existential and family systems traditions. She works in public health and in private practice with family members and individuals across the life span. She is also a Unit Co-ordinator for the subject Parent Therapy in the Master of Mental Health Science, Child Psychotherapy, Monash University. In addition to her psychoanalytic, social work and teaching qualifications, Nada majored in fine arts and literature in her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne. She is interested in the intersection between psychoanalysis, the visual arts, non-fiction writing, literature, film and philosophy.

Roshanak Vahdani, M.A., is a Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist currently in private practice in Sydney, Australia. She works with individuals and couples from a relational psychoanalytic framework. Roshanak is a member of the International Association of Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (IARPP) and The Australian Psychological Society. She has had formal training in Analytical Psychology as well as Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and is interested in the intersection between intrapsychic, relational, existential and transpersonal dimensions of human experience, and how these can be effectively addressed in therapeutic practice.

Christine Vickers is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, group analytic therapist and historian. She is currently writing a book based on the papers of Clara Geroe. She blogs at Freud in Oceania.

Yvette Willoughby is a child psychoanalytic psychotherapist who works within a child trauma therapy service in Melbourne. She has worked with vulnerable children and families in Melbourne and London over her career and completed a Master of Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Monash University in 2010. Over the past 8 years, Yvette’s work has included consultancy in therapeutic foster care in the role of Therapeutic Specialist. She currently works with infants, children, adolescents, parents and carers.  Yvette has a love for literature and is interested in exploring the relationship between psychoanalytic thinking and the arts.

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