Australasian Journal Of Psychotherapy
NO.1 & 2 - 2010


Editor’s Introduction 
to Volume 29 No 1 & 2: APPWA 25th Anniversary Conference Issue

The entire content of this combined 2010 issue has been chosen by guest editors Sarron Goldman, Kath Davies and Allan Shafer, who have solicited 10 papers from the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Western Australia. At the request of the guest editors, all of our regular features, including correspondence, book reviews, poems and obituaries, have been held over for publication in the next issue. 

Next year is the 30th year of publication for Australasian Journal of Psychotherapy. I will be stepping down from the editorship at the end of 2011, and Elisabeth Hanscombe has also informed me that she will retire from editing the book reviews, at the same time. I am welcoming Thea Van Hees on to the editorial production committee for this issue. Thea has accepted appointment as the Journal’s Honorary Treasurer. Tim Fluence (Hypergraphia) continues as graphic designer. His information technology expertise has enabled a proficient transition this year to subscriber-only password-initated on-line access, an innovation undertaken at the request of PPAA Council. 

I hope to make Volume 30 a memorable one, featuring papers and reviews that reflect the growth and diversity of psychoanalytic thinking and practice contemporarily prevalent throughout Australia, New Zealand and in the world beyond. I would be especially grateful for contributions from authors previously published in the Journal, and also for essays on the history and development of the Association and its influence on education, research and practice of psychotherapy. I hope that some readers will consider taking up roles on the editorial production committee, and I would welcome approaches from psychotherapists and psychoanalysts interested in developing and applying their editorial skills, thus enabling the Journal’s continuity into its fourth decade. Expressions of interest in the positions of Editor, co-Editor, Book Reviews Editor and Secretary of the Journal’s production committee are invited. Please contact me via the editorial email address. 


Andrew Leggett
P.O Box 5389
West End , QLD, 4101

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