Australasian Journal Of Psychotherapy
NO.2 - 2012

Contributors Vol. 30

Biographical Notes

Maurice Apprey is tenured in a full professorship in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Trained at the Anna Freud Centre, London, and the Contemporary Freudian Society, Washington, in child and adolescent psychoanalysis as well as adult psychoanalysis respectively, he is a training and supervising analyst of the International Psychoanalytic Association. He is the English language translator from French of Georges Politzer’s Critique of the Foundations of Psychology: The Psychology of Psychoanalysis (Duquesne University Press) and with Howard Stein, the first author of Intersubjectivity, Projective Identification and Otherness (Duquesne).

Carol Bolton is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist now retired.

Mary Cameron worked for many years as a Social Worker with children and families, before training in the 1990’s as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with The New South Wales Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Mary works in private practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with individuals and with couples. She has a special interest in mother/infant work and is an Infant Observation seminar leader with New South Wales Infant Observation Programme. Mary is currently President of NSWIPP and is involved in the Training program of NSWIPP.

Carmel Cairney is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist with over 30 years experience. She has an independent private practice and works as a psychotherapist with children, adolescents and their families as well as with adults. Carmel offers reflective group and individual supervision to clinicians. Carmel is a member of Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Western Australia and on the Training Committee.

Margaret Goodchild was a Clinical Psychologist in Paediatrics at Royal  Canberra Hospital before she trained as a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Climic in London. On her return to Australia she worked in private practice in Sydney before returning to Canberra to live. Margaret is a member of the NSWIPP and a founding member of the Institute of Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ICAPP), Sydney. She has a small private practice and teaches in Canberra and is a committee member of the Canberra Psychoanalytic Centre.

Elisabeth Hanscombe is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and writer, who has published a number of short stories and essays in magazines and journals throughout Australia and the US in the areas of autobiography, psychoanalysis, testimony, trauma and creative non-fiction, including Meanjin, Island, Tirra Lirra, Quadrant, Life Writing and Life Writing Annual: biographical and autobiographical studies, as well as in several online publications. She has recently completed her PhD at LaTrobe University on the topic Theories of Autobiography: Life writing and the desire for revenge and is interested in the ways in which psychoanalytic Object Relations theory intersects with that of narrative and the auto/biographical.

Anne Jeffs is a Melbourne based clinical social worker and psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with children, adolescents and adults. Anne works both in private practice and in the Glen Nevis Clinic, which provides subsidized twice weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy for up to two years to low income earners. The Glen Nevis Clinic has a strong clinical and extra clinical research component. Anne is a member the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (VAPP) and an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHAASW).

Pamela Nathan is a clinical and forensic psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice in Kew, Melbourne. She was previously a sociologist working as an academic and researcher for over a decade. She has completed research in Aboriginal health in Victoria and the Northern Territory and published three books with The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress. She has worked in the public sector in clinical and forensic settings for fifteen years. She is currently Director of the Aboriginal Program, CASSE and is working in partnership with the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress in Alice Springs on violence and trauma. She has been on Council and the Training Committee of the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy among other committees. She continues to practise, supervise, teach and publish in the psychological and psychoanalytic arena.

Sally Young is a Psychotherapist and Principal Social Worker at Mater Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Brisbane.

Oscar Zentner, is a practising Lacanian psychoanalyst trained in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His private practice is in Melbourne. He conducts The Lacanian seminar as Senior Fellow (hon) and psychoanalyst in the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne. Oscar was a former psychoanalyst (AE) of the Escuela Freudiana de Buenos Aires, founded by Oscar Masotta in 1974. This was the first Lacanian psychoanalytic school outside of L’ecole freudienne de Paris, founded by Jacques Lacan in 1964 France. Together with María-Inés Rotmiler de Zentner, introduced Lacan in Australia in 1977 , and in the same year they co-founded The Freudian School of Melbourne, first Lacanian psychoanalytic school in the English speaking world. He was director of The Freudian School of Melbourne since its inception until he resigned from the directorship and both he and María-Inés resigned as members of the School in 1992. 1979 Oscar was co-founder and editor of the Papers of The Freudian School of Melbourne, first Australian Psychoanalytic publication as well as first Lacanian journal in the English speaking world. He resigned in 1992. Oscar was co-editor with María-Inés Rotmiler de Zentner of Lacan LoveMelbourne Seminars and Other Works, by Jean Allouch, Lituraterre, 2007, Melbourne.

He was a co-author of El problema económico en Freud, Editorial Nueva Visión, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1980, and author of A escuta psicanaliticaefeitos de uma etica, ediçao do Centro de estudos Freudianos de Recife, Brazil, 1996.

He published numerous articles in psychoanalytic journals in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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